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Shade Products

Shade Products

At Bell Tower  we understand the importance and need of shade products to keep your family and friends safe from the sun's rays. We offer a variety of shade solutions to help you enjoy your outdoor living space in the heat of the summer sun. We have a large instock assortment of Treasure Garden Umbrellas and Cantilevers and a nice display of Residential Awnings from Solair.

Umbrellas by Treasure Garden Cantilever Umbrellas by Treasure Garden


Treasure Garden Umbrella

Umbrellas by Treasure Garden

We offer a large selection of Umbrellas manufactured by Treasure Garden. Since 1984, Treasure Garden has manufactured the widest selection of shade products in the world. Treasure Garden offers more than 25,000 choices of shade umbrellas and accessories.
  • The following Aluminum Market Umbrellas are available either in-stock or by custom order:  - 11’ & 9' Starlight Collar Tilt    - 11’ Collar, Auto & Push Button Tilt   - 9' Collar, Auto & Push Button Tilt - 8 'x 10' Auto Tilt & 8' x 11' Crank Tilt   - 7.5' Crank & Push Button Tilt   - 6.5' Push Button Tilt

  • There are additional options of TG's Revolutionary Easy Track Umbrellas, Market Wood Umbrellas, Commercial and Beach Umbrellas.

  • Let us assist you in designing your own unique umbrella with Treasure Gardens 9 customized designs, combining any of their 139 Acrylic fabrics.

  • Large selection of accessories such as umbrella lights, radio systems, bases and covers.
Cantilever Umbrella

Treasure Garden Cantilever Umbrella
Cantilever Umbrellas by Treasure Garden

Bell Tower offers a large selection of in-stock and custom order Treasure Garden Cantilever Umbrellas. Cantilevers offer a convenient, non permanent solution to shade in your outdoor living space.
  • Choose from the following Exclusive Cantilever Umbrellas:  -13’ AP Ultimate Party Cantilever  -13’ AKZ Cantilever  -11’ AKZ Cantilever  -10’ AKZSQ Cantilever - 11’ AG28 Cantilever  -10’ AG28SQ Cantilever &  -10’ AG19 Cantilever

  • Over 130 Acrylic Outdoor Fabrics to choose from and two unique designer cover options.

  • A large selection of base and ground mount options for many of the cantilevers.