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Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs: Go Green, Any Time of Year!

Adirondack Chair

Despite being named for a mountain range in Upstate New York, Adirondack chairs are an outdoor living staple in any climate. We have recycled plastic Adirondack chairs for sale in our gallery that will add a relaxing atmosphere to your backyard anytime of year. 

At Bell Tower Lake House Living Co., we want you to get outside and play!  And when you’re done playing, relax in one of our recycled plastic Adirondack chairs - a modern take on the North American classic that has symbolized relaxation and outdoor enjoyment for over 100 years!

Think Adirondack chairs are best enjoyed in cottage country?  Think again!  Southern and desert climates can enjoy our recycled plastic Adirondack chairs year-round! Whether you live in sunny Florida, where a wet summer season can leave wooden chairs wet and prone to mildew, or a dry desert climate like Arizona, where intense summer heat can warp or fade wood, Bell Tower’s recycled plastic Adirondack chairs are a low-maintenance, long-lasting alternative that will allow you to relax outdoors in any season! Our chairs are made in the USA using 100% recycled plastic, along with Marine Grade stainless steel fasteners, offering a sturdy, maintenance free solution for your patio seating needs.

Our Adirondack Chairs Will Last in Any Climate

Our chairs are built to last – 100% recycled plastic construction means they’re tough, and resistant to cracks or wood rot that may plague outdoor wooden furniture in wetter climates such as Florida, Louisiana or the Carolinas.   Customers in sun-drenched states like Arizona, New Mexico, or California can rest assured that our chairs are resistant to sun-fading – so our gorgeous selection of colors  will stay bright, year after year!

Bell Tower’s recycled plastic Adirondack chairs are the perfect outdoor seating solution for the whole year – and the whole family!  Parents can rest assured that no cracks or chips mean NO splinters for playful little hands, and our chairs can be easily cleaned with soap and water after a season of outdoor fun. 

Our company was founded on the principle that life is best lived outdoors.  We offer a vast selection of outdoor products for all climates!  Even Florida and Arizona get chilly sometimes - after you’ve selected your Adirondack chairs, check out our gorgeous selection of fire pits and space heaters for the chilly months, an umbrella for the hot summer months, or pick out a recycled-plastic rug to match your chairs!

Whether your outdoor living area is large or small, Bell Tower Outdoor Living can help design a perfect space for you to relax and get outdoors.  If we can help you enhance your outdoor living space, call 269-203-7163 or email belltower@btolc.com today!

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