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Bring the Indoors Outside with Outdoor Pillows

Outdoor Throw Pillow

At Bell Tower Lake House Living Co., we strongly believe that a number of treasured memories are made in the great outdoors. The fresh air and natural surroundings of any outside location cultivates unforgettable moments that add value to our experiences in this world. The bonds we create outdoors may be with family, friends, nature, or with a household pet; however, regardless of how these memories are created, the team at Bell Tower is proud to provide products that enhance these special times. 

At Bell Tower we try our best to supply a variety of functional outdoor pieces to fit your particular decorative tastes. And once your space has achieved a certain framework—like a basic set up of couches or chairs and tables—your outdoor area is ready to be adorned with items that add a sense of style and comfort. One great way to achieve this effect is to employ outdoor pillows as a decorative tool. This way, with the right accessories, your outdoor space will feel like an extension of your home. It’ll have the atmosphere of an additional room and living space, rather than just an outside porch or screen enclosure.

Accentuating your furniture with outdoor pillows is such an easy way to achieve that inside feel in the outdoors. Decorative cushions give you the chance to carry out the designer vision of your home into your outside space. They make your area more inviting for you and your guests, and they are a great way to change the look of your outdoor space for little cost in a short amount of time. The great thing is, outdoor throw pillows are comfortable and trendy-yet sturdy enough to stand up to the elements for years to come.

Decorative Outdoor Pillow

Keep in mind that outdoor pillows are also a brilliant way to decorate for the seasons. You can switch out your decorative patio pillows for the spring, summer, fall, and winter, giving your space a fresh look every few months without much effort. Holiday themed outdoor pillows help get your household in the spirit of the season, and they make an impression on your guests and family members at the most special times of the year. 

Outdoor accessories add character to any exterior space, and they are a reflection of a personalized style that suggests whatever mood a home designer chooses: be it whimsical, innovative, world-inspired, seasonal, or modern. No matter what kind of atmosphere you’re channeling, your outdoor area should make you feel at ease and at home.  

At Bell Tower we know that the memories you make outdoors are important. Your outside living areas set a stage for many unforgettable moments in your life, and the atmosphere of these areas should be an appealing reflection of your style and an extension of your home. There are a few ways to extend the design and feel of your home to your open-air living space, but one of the easiest tricks is to decorate with outdoor pillows. They effortlessly give your outside area a more inside feel. 

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