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Outdoor Swing
If you’re in the West Michigan area near Kalamazoo, Battle Creek or Grand Rapids and you’re looking to add some fun or relaxation to your backyard setting, check out the outdoor swings and hammocks offered by Bell Tower Outdoor Living Company. We’ve got designs fit for any style and budget; and best of all, comfort is the dominating factor of our entire hammock and swing inventory.

A hammock or outdoor swing from Bell Tower Outdoor Living is guaranteed to add a plush, comfortable, stylish vibe to any outdoor area in the West Michigan vicinity.

Outdoor Swings

Our outdoor swings come in bright, festive designs as well as understated, elegant varieties. Each version of our outdoor swings is extremely plush, cozy and easy to install.

Choose a one-seater for an inviting, snug reading nook. Or pick one of our larger, double swing varieties-which can seat up to three people comfortably-for a more public area. Regardless of what style or size you choose, you’ll find that our outdoor swings complete the vision of any outside area. They can add a sense of easygoing relaxation or a fun, social atmosphere for people to interact in.

If you don’t have the perfect tree or beam to hang your swing from, we have an exceptional variety of swing stands to meet your needs.


It’s no secret that people love hammocks: They’re comfy, fun for kids, and relaxing and romantic for adults. Our hammock selection is the best in all of Michigan. And you won’t be able to find a better assortment in the Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo or Battle Creek area.

At Bell Tower Outdoor Living, we offer classic rope cord hammocks, traditional quilted hammocks and soft-weave quilted hammocks, perfect for any space in your yard. Our wide variety of hammock styles, materials and colors won’t leave you wanting more.

If you don’t have many trees to spare, no worries: Bell Tower has sturdy, sleek tri-beam hammock stands (by Hatteras Hammocks) to display and hold your hammock for you.  One of our hammock stand models, The Original Roman Arc, is a gorgeous-in-any-setting, classically modeled hammock stand that assimilates to any décor or atmosphere present in a backyard.

We also offer stylish, durable hammock pillows that will stand up to the elements and give you added comfort while you’re taking it easy in your hammock. Our hammock inventory is modeled for every customer, whether you need just a hammock, just a stand to hold your hammock, a hammock and stand combination, hammock accessories, or all of the above!