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Go Green Outdoors with Bell Tower Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Recycled Rug

One of the difficult things about “going green” with your home décor is that sometimes being easy on the environment isn’t easy on the eyes. Luckily, the outdoor rugs available through the Bell Tower Outdoor Living Company incorporate the best of both worlds: They are stylish as well as environmentally friendly. What’s more, they are sturdy, long lasting and easy to maintain. You’ll find that our recycled plastic rugs are in fact superior to the ordinary outdoor rug because ours are UV stabilized for minimized fading and they’re super easy to clean.

Though it seems contradictory, remember that outdoor rugs aren’t just for the outdoors! All of the rugs available through Bell Tower Outdoor Living are really indoor/outdoor rugs to be used either outside, or in high traffic areas like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, foyers, hallways, and playrooms. The great thing is, even our recycled plastic rugs don’t sacrifice beauty for efficiency. They are great looking inside or out, and if your rug encounters a spill or a few pairs of dirty shoes, it’s no big deal.

If your indoor/outdoor rug does get a little dirty, all you have to do is just throw it in the wash or hose it down and it’s as good as new. Unlike ordinary rugs, with Bell Tower’s outdoor rugs you don’t have to worry about sensitive materials that will stain, fray or warp over time, and our UV stabilized rugs will resist fading and color depreciation, no matter how sunny your rug’s area is.

Polypropylene Rug

Don't forget to take a look at the polypropylene rugs we offer, which are basically designed for the modern day busy household. Whether you’re looking for a tasteful, inside-outdoor look, or a sturdy material to protect a high traffic area within your home, a polypropylene rug is a great choice.

In fact, no matter what material you go with, you’re making a smart choice for your household that’s not only stylish and durable—but cleaner too. Both recycled plastic rugs and polypropylene rugs resist mold and mildew due to their tightly woven or slick, structured materials. Both types also produce and collect less dust, pollen and pet dander than ordinary rugs. So you’re really doing yourself and the whole family a favor when you decorate with this sensible alternative that has multiple benefits.

As you'll find in our online gallery, Bell Tower’s selection of outdoor rugs, recycled plastic rugs and polypropylene rugs is so varied in style, just about anyone is bound to find a decorative indoor outdoor rug that suits them. From quirky, to casual, to classic: we've got it all. The best part is, some of our greenest choices are the most trendy! And we all know that’s hard to come by. If you can please Mother Nature and be on trend at the same time, you’ve found a great product to accentuate your home.

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