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Lee Industries

In 1969, Bill and Dottie Coley set out to manufacture quality American-made furniture that they would use in their home. So they opened a 7500 square foot factory, hired 10 people and accomplished exactly what they set out to do - and so very much more.  For over 45 years, Lee Industries has had a mission to create innovatively styled, high-quality home furnishings. A family-owned and operated company, we are committed to the good of our customers, our associates, our vendors, our community, and our environment. Through diligence, foresight and perseverance, we have become a leader in upholstery manufacturing with outstanding products, superb customer service and cutting edge technology. Thanks to the craftsmanship and team spirit that is the hallmark of Lee's success, every masterpiece is built with pride in the USA.

The NaturalLee story

Lee Industries is an industry leader in manufacturing environmentally friendly products. We provide you with innovatively styled, long lasting, bio-based upholstery made with the latest technology available, and an alternative to conventional upholstery. We call this NaturalLee. This incorporates standard features such as SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) and FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified wood frames, soy-based, flame retardant free cushions and padding, recycled fiber filling for pillows, recycled metal components, very low voc finishes, and organic and natural fiber fabrics. NaturalLee provides the same quality and made in the USA standards using responsible resources and materials.

We save 57 gallons of crude oil each day by using our soy based cushion and 116 recycled plastic bottles are needed to make one of our back cushions. As part of our environmentally friendly effort and commitment towards a better future, Lee Industries has donated over 87,500 trees to American forests to help conserve our natural resources.

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