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Buy Unique Yard, Garden & Patio Accessories Online at Bell Tower Lake House Living Co.

At Bell Tower Lake House Living Co. our main goal is to get people outside. We put a lot of research and effort into finding the best products to enhance your life outdoors. And we always try and combine beauty and functionality with items that are easy on the environment.

In addition to large outdoor items like patio furniture, swing sets, basketball hoops, hammocks, and fire pits, we sell a wide range of accessories to complement every area of your yard and patio.

Whether you’re looking for functional garden accessories, decorative items or whimsical touches to place here and there among your landscape, Bell Tower Outdoor Living has something you’ll love.

Top Five Garden and Patio Accessories

We have complied a list of the Top Five Garden Accessories to make your life outdoors easier and more enjoyable. Check them out:

Pinecone Suet Bird Feeder
Pinecone Suet Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder:

If you don’t have a bird feeder for your yard or garden yet then you’re really missing out! One of the greatest joys of sitting outside is watching and listening to the wildlife that surrounds you. With a decorative bird feeder, you can insure that your patio time includes sweet songs, chirps and all kinds of feathered entertainment.

Recycled Aluminum Hose Holder:

Hoses are a necessary part of keeping up a nice yard, patio or garden—but they can stunt the growth of your grass and garden and appear messy and unattractive when you’re not using them. At Bell Tower we carry an environmentally friendly hose holder that also has a beautiful, enchanting design. Finally a hose station that adds to the beauty of your yard, rather than taking away from it!

Weathervanes and Sundials:

Bell Tower Outdoor Living carries unique weathervanes to add personality to your roof or garden. We have nautical weathervanes, copper horse weathervanes, and bird weathervanes depicting herons and eagles. Sundials are also a unique way to give your patio or garden a decorative touch. Chose from a dragonfly sundial cast in French bronze, or a traditional sun and moon sundial in either French bronze or copper verdigris.

Recycled Aluminum Outdoor Clocks and Thermometers:

If you want to add both beauty and functionality to your outside décor, check out our outdoor clocks and thermometers. Each whimsical item is made with sustainable living in mind using recycled aluminum. They make an incredibly useful way to add a touch of sophistication to your garden or patio.


If you’ve never enjoyed the luxury of having a hammock on you patio or in your yard or garden—now’s the time to start. Hammocks are the ultimate way to relax and unwind outside, and Bell Tower Lake House Living Co. has the most comfortable, versatile selection around. Browse our gallery of hammocks, and don’t worry if you don’t have a set of trees or posts to hang one on: We have hammock stands for that!

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